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Crosstown Traffic

So I've been back, hard at work all week trying to sort out the footage and audio from the trip last week. I miss traveling with Glossary, but I also miss my Nashville friends. I heard about two awesome shows on Friday night - Hanzelle opening for Gardens and Villa at The High Watt, and Jasmin Kaset opening for Ponychase (who could totally back up Julee Cruse in Twin Peaks) at The Five Spot.

I got Hanzelle, but I didn't get to the Eastside until Ponychase was already on. Oh well, Hanzelle did not disappoint, as you can see above. The High Watt is pretty cool; new venue on the opposite side of the building from Mercy Lounge, behind and above Cannery Ballroom. Nice sound... also mixed by iPad, I noticed.

Also, I hear that yesterday a new Birdcloud video was born... can't wait to see what they come up with! My buddies Rachel Ward and Marshall Weber are in it, and you can't go wrong with those two. I know, because they both kicked my hiney at Dance Central II!


Homeward Bound

Let's get chronological. Friday night, I got to see Dinosaur, Jr. in the middle of a too-packed crowd at Bar 96... just going in felt like moshing in slow motion, but totally worth it. They played great tunes from all over their catalog, and I got to meet them. Super nice dudes, with huge hands!

Midday on Saturday, we rolled to Jovita's for the KDHX Twangfest. Great venue, great bill - KDHX knows how to put a superb bill together. Outdoor sound system was amazingly good... they even had downstage power for the pedalboards, to boot! Glossary played alongside Joe Pug and Crooked Fingers outside, while Nikka Costa and JC Brown and his Uptown Sound cooked inside. We had to bounce not long after, because the evening gig was the big mama - on Lucero's bill at Cedar Street Courtyard right in the center of town. 

That was Glossary's one official SXSW show - all the rest were from unofficial parties. Honestly, without those unofficial shows, I can't see how a band could afford to come down here, unless they have a label deal. The folks who have 8 official gigs a day (which go unpaid, by the way) have it rough! But even after a full week of travel and shows everyday, the band was hot and ready. The crowd filled up the semi-outdoor Cedar Street Courtyard, and they got the peeling they asked for. Sound was great; I believe the whole thing was crewed by guys from the legendary Ardent Studios of Memphis. They had a film crew running around, too.

I didn't have much juice left, but I recorded most of the opening act, Star and Micey, a 3-piece who get around not having a drummer by each playing one part of the kit with their feet as they play another instrument. Wacky, but effective and not distracting. 

You need lots of cameras in this place. Backstage is up a long flight of stairs overlooking the stage, so you can get some great angles, but the rail height and lighting rig limit you somewhat. Plus, you're off to the right, and the band's kind of tucked in under you. Also, I ordered a gin and tonic after we packed up, and they gave me a dang pint of it. Some things definitely are bigger in Texas!

Well, we're on the way back home, through impoverished northeast Texas. The ride is basically over, save for camping at Travis' tonight and coming home tomorrow afternoon. I got to see some amazing things, the best of which was a band of friends and consummate pros do their stuff - no matter if they were just off the interstate or just off the third gig, they never showed an ounce of drama. You can see in their faces they love what they do so much that none of the other junk matters. Beautiful!!!


House Party: tearin' it up with Kid and Play

Yesterday afternoon, Glossary got a call asking if they'd like to squeeze in a house party on their day off. What a show! It was a shindig for Heypenny, featuring us and a comedy rapper named Andy D. Glossary went on first, since Todd had to roll to a Lucero show (he plays steel for them), killing as usual.  Andy D was awesome, but it was a little awkward with all the kindergartners in the audience; he gracefully acknowledged this fact, and edited himself a few times, while still managing to make us laugh out loud about why "God Loves Drunk Girls." Good times were had by all, thanks to a good bill, mountains of barbacoa tacos (yes, you can get everything here on a tortilla), and a rum-and-ginger-beer cocktail called the Dark and Stormy. Beautiful backyard of John and Carolyn, screenwriters and film producers who have used Heypenny's high-energy powerpop in their work. The show ended around sundown with a singalong on "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" led by frontman Ben.

And now, after we eat, we get to see Dinosaur, Jr. as VIPs!!! (Lucero opened, so their road manager got us on the list. Sweet guy, him! He liked my Terminator shirt.) Will post later the vanity photo I took, so you can see what my face was like before it got melted. 


Catching up is hard to do!

It's been over a year since my last update. Read more to find out what I've been working on for the past year!

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James Leg album, Solitary Pleasure, coming soon!

Checked out the Alive page today, and it looks like that James Leg record I mentioned is ready to go! Can't wait til everyone gets to feel the grit flying off of this one. I transferred the tracks from tape at GP, where Alex and the band tracked it over the coldest week in recent memory. Jim Diamond gave it the legendary Ghetto Recorders treatment at the mix, and you can hear a sample on the page.